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Nationwide Phone Service


  • Keep your number
  • Use any SIP phone
  • Multiple Clone Lines
  • Fed Taxes Included
  • No "Per User" Fees
  • No Contracts
  • U.S. Support

What is voiSip?

Residential Phone
FREE 2nd Line
starting at $5.99/mo

Save on home phone service, and experience the latest VoIP features, without comproming call quality or reliability.

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Business Phone
Up to 96 FREE Lines
starting at $9.99/mo

Select a minute plan.  The more minutes, the more free lines you get.  Choose from numerous equipment options.

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Add-on Numbers
eFax, Toll Free & Cloud
starting at $4.99/mo

eFax, Toll Free and Cloud numbers are powerful, yet low cost solutions for expanding your presence and image.

Add-on Info

Phones & Systems

Soft Phone
FREE software


PC, Mac, iPhone, Android

FREE Software for voice and video calls using your voiSip number.

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VoIP Adapter

a voiSip analog

Use standard telephones

Use standard (analog) telephones with our 1 or 2 line adapters.

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Cordless VoIP


For home or small business

Make 2, 3 or even 4 simultaneous calls with your single voiSip number.

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LynxVox 2000 or Quad

Call recording, park, hold, intercom, up to 96 simultaneous calls, no "per extension" fees.

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Cloud PBX


Cloud PBX System

One low monthly price for up to 8 simultaneous calls, no "per extension" fees. 

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Featured Products

Multi-line Cordless VoIP Phones
$79.99 and up


Make up to 2, 3 or 4 simultaneous calls with your single voiSip number.

Transfer, Hold, 3 Way Conferencing and other useful features. Some models even have the local weather forecast and news headlines.

No separate adapter required. Just connect the station box to your internet, then place the chargers and phones up to 50m (160 feet) away.



Multi-line VoIP Phone Systems
Software PBX - FREE
Cloud PBX - $14.99/mo and up
LynxVox PBX - $499 and up (plus up to $50 OFF first voiSip service invoice)

2000 Series IP PBX Combo trans

Enterprise features such as Virtual Attendant Menus, Call Queues, Ring Groups, Music on Hold (with break out), Virtual Conference Rooms, and more.

Entry level price point, yet poweful enough to provide room to grow. Up to 32 simultaneous calls, unlimited local, remote and cellular extensions, and 60-240gb of storage for call recording.

Easy to navigate, web-based configuration menu, means no need for expensive support contracts.  (Phones sold separately)