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Digital Phone Service
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voiSip works with a variety of phones and devices...

Standard Phones

Use a VoIP Adapter to connect Standard Phones.



Perfect for your Home or Small Business.



Amazing Features at Incredible Prices



For Android, iPhone,  Windows, Mac & Linux



Use any SIP device, such as the latest Video Phones 




voiSip lets you keep your existing phone number, enjoy the latest features and equipment options, while reducing your costs to as little as $4.99/mo, including Federal taxes, fees and e911 service. 


In addition to 40 FREE Basic Features, like Call Waiting with Caller ID, you'll also enjoy FREE Advanced Features like Voicemail, Telemarketer Blocking, Simultaneous Ring (Follow Me), and a FREE "Clone Line", so you can make and receive 2 simultaneous calls using your home number. 


Your number can ring multiple phones, at multiple locations (like a second home), and you can even take your number with you if you move across town, or across the country.


You can use standard telephones and your existing home wall jacks (voiSip adapter required). Or upgrade to the latest digital VoIP phones. You can even use soft phone software for your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device.


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voiSip offers Phone, eFax, Toll Free, Voicemail and Cloud services for business customers.

Unlike most other phone services, who offer one-size-fits-all equipment options, voiSip supports a wide range of equipment choices to fit your needs and budget. Use standard phones or analog phone systems using an adapter or gateway (up to 48 analog lines). Or upgrade to the latest digital VoIP phones and PBX systems (up to 96 digital lines). You can even use 3rd party, SIP based software and devices, like Video Phones.

Our pricing model breaks with the traditional "one number, one line, one phone" model.  Instead, voiSip plans allow you to "clone" your number(s) into multiple lines, and use as many phones as you like. You only pay for the number of lines and minutes you need across your entire organization, rather than paying "per phone". This lets you put phones in additional areas, without extra monthly fees for those occasionally used phones.

For example, you might have 1 phone number, cloned to 8 lines, shared amongst 20+ extensions. In this example, you'd just pay for a single 8 line plan, rather than for 20 numbers and lines.

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Free Features

  • Nationwide Calling Area
  • Advanced Voicemail System
  • One Number, Multiple Lines
  • Online Control Panel
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • Call Waiting w/ Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Return
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Failover Forwarding
  • e911 Service
  • Federal Taxes Included
  • No "Per Extension" Fees
  • and much more...

PBX Adds...

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unlimited IVR Menus
  • Virtual Conference Rooms
  • Remote & Mobile Extensions
  • Time Conditional Routes
  • Call Park / Hot Desk
  • Advanced Follow Me
  • Blind/Attended Transfers
  • Ring Groups w/ Hunt
  • Call Queues w/ Hold Time
  • Intercom (1 way or duplex)
  • Group Intercom (Paging)
  • Share w/ 2+ companies
  • Mix or Match Phones
  • Digital Music on Hold
  • Visual Operator Panel
  • Call Screening
  • Call Recording
  • and much more...